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These references do not include the multitude of cartridge reloading manuals put out by manufacturers of ammunition and reloading components (bullets, powders, primers, brass, molds, sizers, gas checks, ect.). All of those present LOTs of information on cartridge dimensions and other useful information. The researcher may also find of interest the bimonthly (at least it was the last time I held a membership in 1989) publication CARTRIDGES. It is the official journal of the International Cartridge Collectors Association, Inc. The address at that time to contact for back issues was: Madeline Bruemer, 3886 Dawley Road, Ravenna, Ohio 44299. There are also a multitude of articles on cartridge headstamp identification in such magazines and the National Rifleman and Guns and Ammo. The National Rifle Association has cartridge identification articles archived in its GUN TALK BBS. This includes such information as German ordnance codes, U.S. military headstamps, and military munitions coding. Amazingly enough, most of the books and articles referenced in this bibliography do not contain subject bibliographies or references cited sections.

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Smoke (Michael A.) Pfeiffer
USDA Forest Service
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