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Welcome to the "Other Stuff" Page

This is where I've put links that don't really have anything to do with historical archaeology, but which can be both fun and (hopefully) useful.

I've at least checked all of these service sites, and use most of the services offered. As far as I can tell, these are all what they say they are... no hidden tricks or gimmicks, and no spam (I've tried some "free" services that flooded my mail with hundreds of spam! I've left these out...). If you try any of these services, and get spammed or otherwise ripped off, please email me, and I'll remove them from the list.

I'd love to get email with other suggestions for this page, also!

Folk and Period Music

Folk Music Dot Org

International Shanty and Seasong Association

The Mudcat Cafe: A Magazine Dedicated to Folk and Blues

Play Bingo - For Money - For Free
Website: www.bingozone.com
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PS: BingoZone's slogan: "Wasting Your Time Since 1996". How can you lose?

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