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Welcome to the Funding Sources Main Page

Often, finding funding for our projects can be quite a challenge! Below is a list of contact information for agencies providing funding for projects that may include historical archaeology.

If you know of any other funding sources, please share them! Send email to web@digitalpresence.com with the name of the funding agency, as well as contact information (including website, mailing address, phone, if possible). Thanks!

American Council of Learned Societies: Fellowships and Grants
A variety of fellowships and grants are made available through the ACLS, each with their own criteria.

Website: www.acls.org/fellows.htm

Fundraising and Foundation Research
A "clearinghouse" site for a number of grants, ranging from a few dollars to thousands of dollars.

Website: www.usc.edu/dept/webster/found.htm

John Nicholas Brown Center for the Study of American Civilization: Research Fellowship
Up to $2,000 stipend; emphasis on Rhode Island and New England.

Website: www.iupui.edu/~ncph/jnbc.html

National Adjunct Faculty Guild
Some funding available for research and scholarship.

Website: www.adjunctadvocate.com/NAFGP.html

National Center for Preservation Technology and Training Grants
Types of grants available: Project type 1 Information management; Project type 2 Training and education; Project type 3 Applied/fundamental research; Project type 4 Environmental effects of outdoor pollutants on cultural resources: Research and treatment development; Project type 5 Technology transfer; Project type 6 Analytical facility support; Project type 7 Conference support; Project type 8 Publications support.

Fax-on-Demand Info: (318) 357-3214 and follow recorded instructions.
NCPTT's Web site: www.ncptt.nps.gov
Return e-mail: send a blank message to pttgrants@ncptt.nps.gov.

National Endownment for the Humanities

National Park Service
The NPS administers a number of very successful federal historic preservation funding programs.
Website: www.cr.nps.gov/helpyou.htm

Another grant clearinghouse, including government granting agencies.

Website: www.rams-fie.com

Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada
Funding for research done in Canada, and also by Canadians at foreign institutions. Deadlines and amounts vary. This site also has a few links to other funding sources.

SSHRC Web site: www.sshrc.ca.

Winterthur Research Fellowships
NEH fellowships: available to scholars pursuing advanced research for four to twelve months, with stipends up to $30,000.

McNeil dissertation research fellowships: available for full year or semester; $6500 per semester.

Winterthur research fellowships: available to academic, museum, and independent scholars, and to support dissertation research for one to six months; stipends of $1500 per month.

Director, Research Fellowship Program
Office of Advanced Studies
Winterthur Museum
Winterthur, DE 19735
(302) 888-4649
email: pelliott@winterthur.org

Craig and Vartorella International Marketing & Advertising, Inc.
A commercial fundraising site, with free access to articles on fundraising, and on a grant/funding source database.
Website: www.scbell.com/Marketing_&_Fundraising


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