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This Version: 26 January 1999
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Orignally two pages by James M. Mckie for R. Sprague's Historical Archaeology Class, 1976. I would very much like to thank Diane B. Rice (Archaeologist in-the-stacks) and Mary L. Kwas (Arkansas Archeological Survey) for numerous references!

Note: There are at least two regularly published magazines on game marbles. They are Marble-Mania by the Marble Collectors Society of America, Trumbull, Connecticut Published periodically from 1976 onward; and Marble-Mart/Newsletter by Marble Collectors Unlimited (P.O. Box 206, Northboro, Maine, 01532) is an ongoing publication since 1982. The Marble Collectors Society of America publishes books and makes videos about marbles. Marbles currently in demand are described. They also have a website at

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