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SUNAfrican Sites: Archaeology in the Caribbean By J. Haviser. Published by Markus Wiener, 1999. Hardcover.

SUNAgriculture on the Prairies 1870-1940 By D. Spector. Published by Canadian Government, 1983. Paperback.

SUNAmerican Frontier: An Archaeological Study of Settlement Pattern and Process By K. Lewis. Published by Academic, 1984.

SUNAnahulu: The Anthropology of History in the Kingdom of Hawaii: The Archaeology of History Vol. 2. By P. Kirch, M. Sahlins. Published by U. Chicago, 1994. Paperback.

SUNAncient Synagogues: Historical Analysis and Archaeological Discovery: Vol. 1 By D. Urman, P. Flesher. Published by Brill Academic, 1995.

SUNAncient Synagogues: Historical Analysis and Archaeological Discovery: Vol. 2 By D. Urman, P. Flesher. Published by Brill Academic, 1995.

SUN Anglo-Saxon Cemetery at Empingham II, Rutland By J. Timby. Published by Oxbow, 1996. Paperback.

coverAnnapolis Pasts: Historical Archaeology in Annapolis, Maryland By P. Shackel, P. Mullins, M. Warner. Published by U. Tennessee Press, 1998. Hardcover.

coverApproaches to the Historical Archaeology of Mexico, Central and South America By J. Gasco, G. Smith, P. Garcia. Published by U. of California, 1997. Paperback.

SUNApproaches to Urban Archaeology By M. Biddle. Published by Edinburgh U., 1992. Hardcover.

SUNArchaeological and Historical Examinations of Three Eighteenth and Ninteenth Century Rice Plantations on the Waccamaw Neck By M. Trinkley. Published by Chicora, 1993. Paperback.

SUNArchaeological Insights into the Custer Battle: An Assessment of the 1984 Field Season By D. Scott and R. Fox. Published by U. of Oklahoma Press, 1987. Paperback, 138 pages.

SUNArhcaeological Perspectives on the Battle of Little Big Horn: The Final Report By D. Scott, D. Harmon, R. Fox. Published by U. of Oklahoma Press, 1989. Hardcover, 309 pages.

SUNArchaeological Studies of World War II By R. Wood. Published by U. Missouri, 1991. Paperback.

SUNArchaeology and History of Glastonbury Abbey By L. Abrams, J. Carley. Published by Boydell and Brewer, 1991. Hardcover.

SUNArchaeology and History of the European Academic Press By M. Barley. Published by Academic, 1978. Hardcover.

coverArchaeology and the Capitalist World System: A Study from Russian America By A. Crowell. Published by Plenum, 1997. Hardcover.

coverArchaeology at Monticello By W. Kelso. Published by Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation, 1997. Paperback, 134 pages.

SUNArchaeology for young Explorers: Uncovering History at Colonial Williamsburg By P. Samford, D. Ribblett. Published by Colonial Williamsburg, 1995. Paperback, 67 pages.

SUNArchaeology in British Towns: From the Emperor Claudius to the Black Death By P. Ottaway. Published by Routledge, 1992. Hardcover.

coverArchaeology of Australia's History By G. Connah. Published by Cambridge University Press, 1994. Paperback, 176 pages.

coverArchaeology of Early Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms By C. Arnold. Published by Routledge, 1997. Paperback.

coverArchaeology of Early Historic South Asia: The Emergence of Cities and States By F. Allchin, G. Erdosy. Published by Cambridge U., 1995. Hardcover.

SUNArchaeology of Gender: Separating the Spheres in Urban America By D. Dizerga Wall. Published by Plenum, 1994. Hardcover.

SUNArchaeology of Medieval Ireland By T. Barry. Published by Routledge, 1987. Paperback.

SUNArchaeology of Mission Santa Catarine De Guale 2 Published by American Museum of Natural History, 1990. Paperback.

SUNArchaeology of Religious Places: Churches and Cemeteries in Britain Revised. By W. Rodwell. Published by U. Pennsylvania, 1990. Hardcover.

SUNArchaeology of Spanish Colonialism in the South Eastern United States and the Caribbean, No. 1 By C. Ewen. Published by the SHA, 1990. Paperback.

SUNArchaeology of the African Diaspora in the Americas By M. Bograd, T. Singleton. Published by the SHA, 1995. Paperback.

SUNArchaeology of the City: Urban Planning In Ancient Israel and its Social Implications By Z. Herzog. Published by Tel Aviv U., 1997. Hardcover, 298 pages.

SUNArchaeology of the Consumer Society: The Second Industrial Revolution in Britain By K. Hudson. Published by Fairleigh Dickinson U., 1983. Hardcover.

coverArchaeology of the Donner Party By D. Hardesty, M. Brodhead. Published by U. Nevada, 1997. Hardcover, 168 pages.

SUNArchaeology of the English Civil War By P. Harrington. Published by Shire, 1999. Paperback, 64 pages.

SUNArchaeology of Slavery and Plantation Life By T. Singleton. Published by Academic, 1985. Hardcover.

SUNArchaeology of Social Space: Analyzing Coffee Plantations in Jamaica's Blue Mountains By J. Delle. Published by Plenum, 1998. Hardcover.

SUNArchaeology of the Old Landmark: Nineteenth Century Taverns Along the St. Louis-Vincennes Trade in Southern Illinois By M. Wagner, M. McCorvie. Published by Center for American Archaeology, 1993. Paperback.

SUNArchaeology of the Southeast United States: Paleoindian to WWI By J. Bense. Published by Academic, 1994. Hardcover.

SUNArchaeology of the Spanish Missions of Texas By A. Fox. Published by Garland, 1991. Hardcover.

SUNArchaeology of Wealth: Consumer Behaviour in English America By J. Gibb. Published by Plenum, 1996. Hardcover.

SUNBiohistory of Ninteenth Century Afro-Americans By L. Rankin-Hill. Published by Bergin & Garvey, 1997.

coverBones, Stones and Buddhist Monks: Collected Papers on the Archaeology, Epigraphy and Texts of Monastic Buddhism in India By G. Schopen, D. Lopez. Published by U. Hawaii, 1997. Hardcover.

SUNBritish Garrison at Quebec 1759-1871 By C. Rioux. Published by International Special Book Service, 1997. Paperback.

SUNBuried Past: The Archaeological History of Philadelphia By J. Cotter, D. Roberts, M. Parrington. Published by U. Pennsylvania Press, 1993. Hardcover, 524 pages.

SUNBy Airship to the North Pole: An Archaeology of Human Exploration By P. Capelotti. Published by Rutgers, 1999. Hardcover, 224 pages.

SUNCalumet and Fleur-de-Lys: Archaeology of Indian and French Contact in the Mid-Continent By J. Walthall, T. Emerson. Published by Smithsonian, 1992. Hardcover, 307 pages.

SUNCannon's Point Plantation, 1794-1860: Living Conditions and Status Patterns in the Old South By J. Otto. Published by Academic, 1984.

coverCarolina's Historical Landscapes: Archaeological Perspectives By L. Stine, M. Zierden, L. Drucker. Published by U. of Tennessee, 1997. Hardcover.

coverChesapeake Family and Their Slaves: A Study in Historical Archaeology By A. Yentsch. Published by Cambridge University Press, 1994. Paperback.

SUNChinese of Early Tucson: Historical Archaeology from the Tucson Urbam Renewal Project By F. Lister, R. Lister. Published by U. Arizona, 1990. Paperback.

coverCowboys and Cave Dwellers: Basketmakers Archaeology in Utah's Grand Gulch By F. Blackburn, R. Williamson. Published by School of America Research Press, 1997. Paperback, 208 pages.

SUNCulture Change and the New Technology: An Archaeology of the Early American Industrial Era By P. Shackel. Published by Plenum, 1996. Hardcover.

SUNDeath at Snake Hill: Secrets from a War of 1812 Cemetery By P. Litt, R. Williamson, J. Whitehorne. Published by Dundurn Press. Paperback.

SUNDeserted Villages (Shire Archaeology) By T. Rowley, J. Wood. Published by Shire, 1985. Paperback.

SUNDiscoveries in Martin's Hundred By Ivor Noel Hume. Published by Colonial Williamsburg, 1983. Paperback.

SUNDown by the Station: Los Angeles Chinatown 1880-1937 By R. Greenwood. Published by U. California, 1996. Hardcover.

SUNEveryday and Exotic Pottery from Europe: c. 600 - 1900 By D. Gaimster. Published by David Brown Books, 1992. Hardcover.

coverExcavating Occaneechi Town: Archaeology of an Eighteenth Century Indian Village in North Carolina By S. Davis, P. Livingood. Published by U. North Carolina, 1998. CD-ROM.

SUNExcavations of the Donner-Reed Wagons: Historical Archaeology Along the Hastings Cutoff By B. Hawkins, D. Madsen. Published by U. Utah, 1999. Paperback, 178 pages.

SUNExcavation of the MacHault - An 18th Century French Frigate By W. Zacharchuk and P Waddell. Published by Canadian Government Press, 1984. Paperback.

SUNExcavations on the Franciscan Frontier: Archaeology at the Fig Springs Mission By B. Weisman. Published by the University Press of Florida, 1992. Hardcover, 250 pages.

SUNExploring Buried Buxton: Archaeology of an Abandoned Iowa Coal Mining Town with a Large Black Population By D. Gradwohl, N. Osborn. Published by Iowa State University Press, 1990. Paperback.

SUNFactional Competition and Political Development in the New World By E. Brumfiel, J. Fox. Published by Cambridge U., 1994. Hardcover, 234 pages.

coverFarm Landscape: A Bibliography of the Architecture and Archaeology of Farmsteads and Settlement in Wisconsin By P. Beedle, G. Gyrisco. Published by Historical Preservation Department, 1996. Paperback.

SUNFinds from Parliament Street and Other Sites in the City Centre By D. Tweedle. Published by Prometheus, 1986. Paperback.

SUNFlowerdew Hundred: The Archaeology of a Virginia Plantation, 1619 - 1864 By J. Deetz. Published by U. Press of Virginia, 1995. Paperback.

SUNFrench Colonial Archaeology: The Illinois Country and the Western Great Lakes By J. Walthall. Published by U. of Illinois Press, 1991. Hardcover, 290 pages.

SUNFrom Roman Basilica to Medieval Market Archaeology: Archaeology in Action in the City of London By G. Milne. Published by the Stationery Office, 1992. Paperback.

SUNGovernor's Land: Archaeology of Early Seventeenth Century Virginia Settlements By A. Outlaw. Published by University Press of Virginia, 1990. Hardcover.

SUNGuide to the Industrial Archaeology of Boston Proper By P. Stott. Published by MIT Press, 1984. Paperback.

SUNGuide to the Industrial Archaeology of Europe By K. Hudson. Published by Associated University Press, 1971. Hardcover.

coverHernando De Soto Among the Apalachee: The Archaeology of the First Winter Encampment By C. Ewen, J. Hann, J. Milanich. Published by U. Press of Florida, 1998. Paperback, 256 pages.

SUNHidden Hertiage: Historical Archaeology of Overseas Chinese By P. Wegars. Published by Baywood, 1993. Paperback.

SUNHidden Lives: The Archaeology of Slave Life at Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest By B. Heath. Published by U. Press of Virginia, 1999. Paperback, 96 pages.

SUNHistorical Archaeology and the Study of American Culture By L. De Cunzo, B. Herman. Published by Winterthur, 1996. Hardcover.

SUNHistorical Archaeology in Nigeria By K. Wesler, P. Allsworth-Jones. Published by Africa World Press, 1998. Hardcover, 296 pages.

SUNHistorical Archaeology of Central Assam By N. Choudhury. Published by Stosius, 1985. Hardcover.

SUNHistorical Archaeology of Ninteenth Century California By J. Frierman, R. Greenwood. Published by William Andrews Clark, 1991. Paperback.

SUNHistorical Archaeology of the Chesapeake By P. Shackel, B. Little. Published by Smithsonian, 1994. Hardcover.

SUNHistorical Archaeology of the Modern World By C. Orser. Published by Plenum, 1996. Hardcover.

SUNHistorical Archaeology of the US Industrial Indian School at Phoenix By O. Lindauer, D. Ferguson. Published by Office of Cultural Resources, 1996. Hardcover.

SUNHistory of Clementhorpe Nunnery (Archaeology of York) By R. Dobson, S. Donaghey. Published by Prometheus, 1985. Paperback.

SUNIndustrial Archaeology of Nebraska By W. Rapp. Published by J-B Publishing, 1984.

SUNIndustrial Archaeology of North West England By O. Ashmore. Published by Manchester U., 1983. Hardcover.

SUNIndustrial Archaeology of Northern Ireland By W. McCutcheon. Published by Fairleigh Dickinson U., 1983. Hardcover.

SUNIndustry and Technology in Antebellum Tennessee: The Archaeology of Bluff Furnace By R. Council, N. Honerkamp, M. Will. Published by U. of Tennessee Press, 1992. Paperback, 227 pages.

coverIn Small Things Forgotten: An Archaeology of Early American Life Revised edition. By J. Deetz. Published by Anchor, 1996. Paperback.

SUNI, Too, Am America: Archaeological Studies of African American Life By T. Singleton. Published by U. Press of Virginia, 1999. Hardcover.

SUNKings Men at MacKinac: The British Garrisons 1780-1796 By B. Dunnigan. Published by MacKinac State Historic Parks, 1973. Paperback.

SUNLambert Farm: Public Archaeology and Canine Burials Along Narrangansett Bay By J. Kerber. Published by Harcourt Brace, 1996. Paperback, 144 pages.

SUNLife Weaving Golden Thread: Archaeological Investigations at the Sampson Mill Village, Greenville Co., South Carolina By M. Trinkley. Published by Chicora, 1993. Paperback.

SUNLiving on the Boott: Historical Archaeology at the Boott Mills Boardinghouses, Lowell, Massachusetts By S. Mrozowski, G. Ziesing, M. Beaudry. Published by University of Massachusetts Press, 1996. Hardcover.

SUNLook to the Earth: Historical Archaeology and the American Civil War G. Geier, S. Winter. Published by U. Tennessee Press, 1996. Paperback.

SUNMany Faces of Cuilpan: A Historical Digest of a 16th Century Dominican Monastery and Church Complex and Village, Oaxaca, Mexico By E. Sleight. Published by Pueblo, 1988. Hardcover.

SUNMartin's Hundred Revised edition. By Ivor Noel Hume. Published by U. Press of Virginia, 1991. Paperback, 386 pages.

SUNMill Creek Site and Pattern Recognition in Historical Archaeology By P. Martin. Published by Mackinac State Historic Parks, 1985. Paperback.

SUNNot for School, but for Life: Lessons from the Historical Archaeology of the Phoenix Indian School By O. Lindauer. Published by the Office of Cultural Resources, 1998. Paperback.

SUNOld Village and the Great House: An Archaeological and Historical Examination of Drax Hall Plantation, St. Ann's Bay, Jamaica By D. Armstrong, E. Reitz. Published by U. Illinois Press, 1990. Hardcover.

coverOn the Prairie of Palo Alto: Historical Archaeology of the US-Mexican War Battlefield By C. Haecker, J. Mauck. Published by Texas A & M University, 1997. Hardcover, 248 pages.

SUNPersonal Discipline and Material Culture: An Archaeology of Annapolis, Maryland 1695-1870 By P. Shackel. Published by U. of Tennessee Press, 1993. Hardcover, 240 pages.

SUNPost-Medieval Archaeology in Britain By D. Crossley. Published by Pinter, 1990. Hardcover.

SUNPublic Archaeology in Annapolis: A Critical Approach to History in Maryland's Ancient City By P. Potter. Published by Smithsonian, 1994. Paperback.

coverPuerto Real: The Archaeology of a 16th Century Spanish Town in Hispaniola By K. Deagan. Published by U. Press of Florida, 1995. Hardcover, 533 pages.

SUNRace and Affluence: An Archaeology of African America and Consumer Culture By P. Mullins. 1999. Hardcover.

SUNRediscovering Antiquity: Karl Weber and the Excavation of Huculaneum, Pompeii, and Stabiae By C. Parslow. Published by Cambridge University Press, 1998. Paperback, 416 pages.

SUNSacred Texts and Buried Treasures: Issues in the Historical Archaeology of Ancient Japan By W. Farris. U. of Hawaii Press, 1998. Paperback, 416 pages.

SUNScotland: Archaeology and Early History By G. Ritchie and A. Ritchie. Published by Edinburgh U., 1992. Paperback, 206 pages.

SUNShips and Shipwrecks of the Americas: A History Based on Underwater Archaeology By G. Bass. Published by Thames and Hudson, 1996. Paperback, 272 pages.

SUNShovels and Speculation: Archaeology Hunts Custer By S. Barnard. Published by AST Press, 1991. Paperback.

coverSpanish Missions of La Florida By B. McEwan. Published by U. Press of Florida, 1993. Hardcover.

SUNSpanish St. Augustine: The Archaeology of a Colonial Creole Community By K. Deagan. Published by Academic, 1983. Hardcover.

SUNSurvivals: Aspects of Industrial Archaeology in Ontario By D. Newell, R. Greenhill. Published by Boston Mills, 1989. Hardcover.

SUNSword in Anglo-Saxon England: Its Archaeology and Literature Reprint. By H. Davidson, E. Oakeshott. Published by Boydell and Brewer, 1998. Paperback, 288 pages.

coverThey Died with Custer: Soldiers' Bones from the Battle of Little Bighorn By D. Scott, P. Willey, M. Connor. Published by U. Oklahoma Press, 1998. Hardcover, 432 pages.

SUNTwo Early Historic Iroquoian Sites in Western New York By R. Gramly. Published by Persimmon, 1996. Hardcover.

SUNUncommon Ground: Archaeology and Early African America By L. Ferguson. Published by Smithsonian, 1992. Paperback, 186 pages.

SUNVestiges of Mortality and Remembrance: A Bibliography on the Historical Archaeology of Cemeteries By E. Bell. Published by Scarecrow, 1994. Hardcover.

SUNVillage of Outcasts: Historical Archaeology and Documentary Research at the Lighthouse Site By K. Feder. Published by Mayfield, 1994. Paperback.

coverVirginia Adventure: Roanoke to James Towne: An Archaeological and Historical Odyssey By Ivor Noel Hume. Published by Knopf, 1994. Hardcover, 491 pages.

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